Wearable Demos!

As in no ugly demo logo. Wearable demos are usually items offered in a certain shade, and should you like it you can purchase the rest of the colours.


Shushu offers wearable demos, free and dollarbies. These mesh steampunk pants come in a full length and a capri version, and the shoes are Slink. Check Shushu out on the marketplace for some more great finds.

The bolero is a dollarbie I personally love and comes with a HUD with 6 different colours.


Pants and Shoes – Shushu (L$0)

Bronte Bolero – Rebelle Wear (L$1)

Diamante: Purgatory Mask – A&A Hunt Item

Hair Asha – Damselfly (Past gift)

Vest – Rua Modena (L$1 comes with appliers)

Mesh Body – G.Inc (Omega appliers included)

Valentine Skin – ~zOdiacO~ (L$0 with appliers)



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